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Related article: Experiment with DeanI can still remember my first experience as if it were only
yesterday...actually, I wish it was!! I was in the 6th grade. I had plenty of friends to chum around with so
there weren't many boring days as a youth. On afternoon after school was
out I asked Dean, a buddy of mine that was the same age (13), if he
wanted to come over to my house for a while. This was normal because my
parents wouldn't be home from work for a couple of hours. This was the
times all mischievious boys looked forward to experiementing... smoking,
dirty magezines, phone calls to girls... those were the days. However
this day turned out magazines de lolitas desnudas to be an prelolita latina top model experiment I would never forget.
We rode our bikes to my houses and of course, with no one, home we started
coming up with ideas to liven up our afternoon. I suggested we go to my
parents room and watch a porno that I had found a few days before while
being nosey. "Alright" he said. Dean sat on the bed while I put set up the movie and T.V. When the porn
started I sat down too. We both made boyish jokes and laughed as it
played. During a blowjob scene I made the comment, "Man, that would feel good
right now!". Dean agreed. I turned to say something to him and I noticed
his bulging hardon in his pants. I turned back to the porno and tried to
ignore it but I couldn't resist this time to joke about it. I said, "oohhhh.... Dean's got a hard-on". He quickly denied it. I
repeatedly joked with him about it and he kept denying it. So being a
real smartass I reached over and grabbed his bulging crotch and said,
"oh yeah, what is this?". He tried to wrestle my hand away but then
quit. He just sat there with my hand on his crotch. I started to pull my
hand off but had this urge to leave it there. I turned back to the movie
to see the blowjob scene still playing and asked Dean if he wanted one.
(I was slowly rubbbing his crotch.) He said "sure". I told him he would
have to promise not to tell anyone. He did.So I turned to him and undid his pants. He watched the porno as I pulled
his cock out of pants. One more time I asked for reassuance that little miss nude lolita he wouldn't tell anyone and
then lowered my mouth over his cock. I remember the taste was soooo
sweet. I proceeded to suck his dick as he watched the movie. After a few minutes I decided that it would be a good idea to move to my
room incase my parents came home. So Dean went on up to my room while I
turned off the porno and straightened my parents bed. As I went up and
opened the door to my room I was shocked to see Dean lying on my bed
with his pants and underwear down to his knees waiting for me. I didn't
waste any time. I went over and started sucking his rock hard cock
again. He asked my what I thought of butt-sex. I said "what". He said when
someone fucks you in the ass. I had never really thought about it but
was so horny I was willing to try anything. He stood up and told my to pull down my pants and bend over the bed. He
then spit on one hand and smeared it in the crack off my ass. Then he
told me to hold my butt cheeks apart as he guided his shaft towards my
asshole. I felt the head of his dick push into my hole. I was starting
to enjoy it...... then my parents vehicle pulled up.Of course every bit of horniness ran out of us as we threw our clothes
back before they came into the house. That was my first and last
experiment with Dean. Oh the years I spent masturbating thinking of how
it would have been if my parents hadn't came home.
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